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ON-LINE individual REGISTRATION is mandatory for all Biomag2010 participants including participants' categories with no-fee registration.

Registered participants plus one accompanying person traveling to the Biomag2010 and its satellite events are automatically granted a discount of up to 20%, depending on fare and class of travel booked. When making your travel plans with please present confirmation of your registration in addition to quoting the Convention Code LH02S10. Star Alliance Member Airlines


1. Please pre-register to create a personal Biomag2010 account. Important: Your EasyChair account will not work for Biomag2010 registration.

Student status confirmation (Last name_student status.pdf) has to be uploaded on the internal web pages to obtain student category approval.

2. Please login to the internal Biomag2010 web pages for on-line registration.

Participant category approval is required for all categories except for Regular and Exhibitor participant categories.
For new pre-registered: : Please allow 24 hours for approval of your participant category, i.e., activation of your requested registration category in the on-line registration form. You should not expect email confirmation of your registration category. Please, just start your on-line registration 24 hours after pre-registration or later.

REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION consists of two steps: 1) on-line registration confirmation by automatic reply; 2) registration fee payment confirmation by email. Your registration status is available on the internal Biomag2010 web pages.

REGISTRATION FEE PAYMENT CONFIRMATION will be issued for all incoming payments and will be send via email for all successfully completed on-line registrations or will be distributed at the registration desk for on-site registration fee payments.



Participant category

Till December 23, 2009

Till February 15, 2010

Late After February 16, 2010

ON-SITE only After March 16, 2010

Invited speakers
Members of IAB, SPC and AC
Contact organizers of symposia and workshops,

no registration fee

Biomag2010 Symposium/Workshop Speakers

500 EUR
580 EUR

Regular participants

500 EUR
580 EUR
650 EUR


350 EUR

Exhibit personnel

350 EUR


700 EUR

Accompanying persons

250 EUR

*Student status confirmation should be uploaded as a pdf file (Last name_student status.pdf).

**Up to 3 (6) members of the exhibiting company can register as exhibit personnel for each 3 m x 2 m (6 m x 2 m) booth purchased. A list of the exhibit personnel has to be provided by March 1, 2010 to avoid on-site regular registration fee.


  1. Only on-line credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro) payment and bank transfers are accepted. Make sure that your bank allows out of state on-line credit card payments to avoid transfer rejections. Only up to 10 credit card payment trials are allowed. Credit card payments will be accepted till March 5, 2010. Bank transfers will be accepted till March 15, 2010. After March 16, 2010 on-line registration will direct all participants to on-site payment . 
  2. Credit card details received by fax will not be accepted and processed.
  3. If you select bank transfer payment please e-mail your bank transfer order as a pdf file till the applicable registration fee category deadline to account@biomag2010.org in order to obtain the registration confirmation.
  4. Bank transfers should be free of bank charges for the recipient.

There is no registration fee for:

  • Invited speakers
  • Members of the International Advisory Board
  • Members of the Scientific Program Committee
  • Members of the Award Committee
  • Contact Organizers of the Biomag2010 and satellite symposia and workshops
  • Fellowships

Biomag2010 symposia and workshop speakers are entitled to early registration fee for registering at any date up to February 15, 2010. From February 16, 2010 the regular registration fee applies.

The above rules regarding registration do not apply to satellite events. Satellite event organizers are welcome to define their own registration fee policy.

Registration package for categories with no fee, speakers, regular participants, students,  and exhibitors includes:

*Scientific sessions
Conference material
BIOMAG 2010 Program booklet
Book of Abstracts
BIOMAG 2010 Proceedings
Welcome reception and dinner
Refreshment breaks
Conference dinner
Concert/cultural event

*Scientific sessions are not included in the registration package for category Exhibit personnel.

Registration package for accompanying persons includes:

Welcome reception
Guided Old City and walls tour
Conference dinner
Concert/cultural event

Biomag2010 automatic on-line registration confirmation:

After you complete your on-line registration, an e-mail reply will be sent to your e-mail address.

If you do not receive it, please contact us at webmaster@biomag2010.org.

E-mail Registration Fee Payment Confirmation:

  1. After making the on-line credit card payment you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation of your transaction.
  2. If you opt for a bank payment you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the completion of the first step in the registration process and the bank transfer details. Please send your bank transfer order and certificate on the bank transfer charges payment in pdf format to account@biomag2010.org to obtain the final e-mail confirmation on the Biomag2010 registration.
  3. Biomag2010 participant categories who obtain the registration fee waiver will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation of the chosen Social Events and, where applicable, automatic e-mail confirmations of the registration fees for their accompanying persons as under 1. or 2., depending on the chosen payment option.

Please bring your Biomag2010 registration confirmation with you and present it at the Registration Desk at the venue Rixos Libertas Hotel.


A written notification of cancellation must be sent to the Biomag2010 registration office at biomag2010@biomag2010.org.

The following cancellation fee and bank handling charges will be deducted before refunding.

Cancellation fee for a cancellation made before February 28, 2010: EUR 50, plus bank handling charges.

No refund for cancellations made after March 1, 2010.

All refunds will be made after the Biomag2010.

For inquiries concerning Biomag2010 registration please contact us at:

BIOMAG2010 – Department of Physics
Bijenicka cesta 32
10000 Zagreb
Fax: ++385 1 468 0366
E-mail: biomag2010@biomag2010.org
Invoice requests: accounting@biomag2010.org


It is agreed that the Local Organizing Committee, its officers, volunteers, contracted staff, contracted companies and agents shall not be held liable or responsible for:

1. Any loss or damages, however caused by any person engaged by, participating in, or attending the Biomag2010 and its satellite events for any reason whatsoever;

2. Refusal of admission, any changes in program dates, content, speakers, location, or cancellation of any programs or functions.