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Hotel Reservations

The entire venue hotel Rixos Libertas Hotel has been reserved for the participants of the Biomag2010 as well as block for rooms at the nearby five and three stars hotels, all within walking distance (2-20 minutes; 30 minutes to Excelsior Hotel ) or within an easy reach by bus (2 – 4 stops).

*****Rixos Libertas Hotel *****Bellevue Hotel *****Excelsior Hotel

***Lero Hotel ***Ivka Hotel

From February 16, 2010 hotel reservation is based on availability, on a first-come, first served basis.
Booking for the venue Rixos Libertas Hotel is closed on February 23, 2010.

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Aragosa Travel Agency, Dubrovnik based tour-operator agency specialized in congress, festival and arts tourism is the officially apointed travel agency for hotel accommodations, transfers and excursions.

ARAGOSA Travel Agency, Kralja Tomislava 7, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Tel.   +385 20 436 998

+385 20 437 034

+385 20 438 699

Fax: +385 20 436 998

Contact agent for Biomag2010: Ivana Pavlović

Email: ivanap@aragosa.hr

Deadline for guaranteed hotel accommodations and negotiated prices is February 15, 2010.



Room rates of the Biomag2010 hotels and their reservation and cancellation conditions are listed also in the HOTEL RESERVATION AND TRANSFER FORM (doc, pdf) which includes airport-hotels-airport direct transfer reservation form as well.

Please FAX your signed HOTEL RESERVATION AND TRANSFER FORM (doc, pdf) to ++ 385  20 436 998, Contact agent: Ivana Pavlovic.

The form should be printed, not handwritten, with letter font 12 for credit card info.

Guaranteed low prices:

All hotels have accepted to offer group prices to the Biomag2010 participants that will be lower than internet prices during the meeting. Should the price changes occur the lower prices will apply instead of the ones listed in the room rates list and the Hotel reservation form.

The listed room rates are valid 10 days before the beginning and 10 days after the end of the Biomag2010.

All hotels accept ‘’late arrival“.

Check-in for all hotels is 14:00 hours on the day of arrival.

Check-out time is 12:00 hours on the last day.

The final payment will be at the hotel reception.

Wireless internet connection is free of charge in hotel area, conference center and all rooms at the venue Rixos Libertas Hotel, Bellevue Hotel, Excelsior Hotel and only in the lobby of the Ivka and Lero hotels.