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Official Language
The official language of The 17th International Conference on Biomagnetism – BIOMAG 2010 is English.  

Certificate of Attendance, ECST and CME Credits

The participants will recive attendance certificates which may, depending on the policy of the study programs, be recognized as part of the curricula required for PhD degrees or bring CME credits.
For this international conference we have requested CME credits from the Croatian Medical Chamber, which sponsors continuing medical education for physicians.

Invitation Letter
An official invitation letter from the BIOMAG 2010 Chair is available on request. It is understood that such an invitation is intended to help potential participants to raise funds and/or obtain their visa. This invitation does not imply a commitment to provide any financial support. Closed.

Passport and Visa
A valid passport or another internationally recognized identification document testifying the identity and citizenship of the bearer is required for entry into Croatia. Very few nationalities must have a visa. For specific details, please timely consult the nearest diplomatic mission of the Republic of Croatia or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia (tel. +385 1 4569 964, mail: stranci@mvpei.hr) and contact the BIOMAG 2010 organizers if necessary at least two months in advance.

Personal Insurance
The BIOMAG 2010 registration fee does not include any insurance coverage. Participants are responsible for arranging an appropriate insurance on their own. Health and accident insurance is recommended and should be arranged in your country of origin.

Health services
General Hospital Dubrovnik is located in the heart of Dubrovnik City, about ten minutes by car from the Port of Dubrovnik and thirty minutes from the Dubrovnik International Airport. The hospital has 323 beds and more than 700 employees dedicated to provide excellent medical care to the local community and tourists.
A foreign visitor is not obliged to pay for medical services if a social security convention has been signed between Croatia and the visitor's country of origin, i.e., if the visitor possesses a certificate stipulated by such a convention confirming the visitor's right to health care. Persons from countries with which no such a convention has been signed bear the costs of health services rendered personally.

The Dubrovnik weather in March is sunny and very pleasant, with an average daytime temperature of 17°C.

Light and some warm clothes, walking shoes, jackets for the evening, sun hat, sun glasses, and sun protection skin care are suggested.  

Electricity is supplied at 220 V A/C, 50 Hz. Power outlets in Croatia are the continental two-pin type, and a socket adapter may be required. 

Tap water
Tap water is potable in all parts of Croatia.

Currency and Exchange Facilities
Official currency of the Republic Croatia is the Croatian kuna (HRK; HRK 1 = 100 lipas). Foreign currencies can  be exchanged at bank exchange counters and exchange offices, at post offices and travel agencies, hotels, and airports. Hotels, stores, and restaurants in Craotia accept major credit cards. Cash can be withdrawn at ATMs in almost all towns, cities and tourist centers.

Tax refund
Tax is refunded to foreign nationals when leaving the country for individual goods purchased in Croatia in excess of HRK 500, upon the presentation of a 'tax refund check' form. This form is provided on request by a sales assistant when making purchases.

Important telephone numbers
International country code for Croatia: +385
The countrywide number for all emergency situations: 112
General information: 981
Information on local and intercity numbers: 988
Information on international numbers: 902
Weather forecast and road conditions: www.hak.hr
Roadside vehicle assistance: 987
(When calling from abroad or using mobile phone, dial +385 1 987)

The organizers reserve the right to adjust or change the program as necessary.