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''COST'' registration category for Biomag2010 registration Print E-mail

All COST supported participants of the NeuroMath COST BM0601  Workshop are entitled to a ''COST'' registration category for the Biomag2010 conference. To register for the Biomag2010 please, pre-register first and continue with your registration only 24 hours later so that your ''COST'' registration category gets accepted by our on-line registration system.

All COST Dubrovnik meeting participants that are registered for Biomag2010 are entitled to a reduced NeuroMath COST BM0601 workshop registration fee of 100 EUR (students 80 EUR).

Accommodation: COST Dubrovnik meeting participants registered for Biomag2010 can book their accommodation in any of the listed ''Biomag2010'' hotels as well as the two ''COST'' hotels. The two Importanne Resort hotels, Neptun and Ariston, are reserved for participants of NeuroMath COST Workshop only.